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Most shocking football defeats in recent years (Part 2)

This is the continuation of the previous post, talking about football defeats that surprised us the most.

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Shocking football defeats, Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Aston villa vs Liverpool (7-2), 4th of October, 2020:

This scoreline is one that would not be forgotten in football’s history book. Liverpool had all their top players apart from sadio Mane ready for the match. The likes of Salah, Jota, Van Dijk, Jota, Firmino etc. were present.

Unfortunately, the outcome was devastating. Goals kept on flying in. Watkins scored a hat-trick before halftime, Jack Grealish added two goals, McGinn and Barkley also had the ball into the net.

Mohamed Salah had a brace for his team, but all effort were proven futile.

It was the first time in 57 years Liverpool conceded 7 goals in a match. On the other hand, Aston villa made a record of their own, having scored 7 goals in a match, in 69 years.

Liverpool had just won 4 matches before losing to Arsenal by a penalty shoot out in the Carabao Cup. Going up against Aston Villa which is not one of the fierce club in Europe at the time, although away from home we’d have expected a win or a draw.

But the result was rather unexpected. Claims were made that the absence of Mane led to Liverpool’s defeat. But over the years, we’ve witnessed the absence of top players like Mohammed Salah in major matches, but the team remained outstanding! (an example, the 4-0 against FC Barcelona in the UCL).

Shocking football defeats; FC Barcelona vs PSG 6-1

FC Barcelona VS PSG(6-1), 8th March 2017:

This might probably go down as the biggest Champions League comeback in football’s history.

PSG had cruised past FC Barcelona in the first leg of the match with a 4-0 win. Barca had no hope on qualifying. But turns out to be the other way around. Barca became the qualifier that night.

The legendary MSN gang: an acronym for Messi, Suarez and Neymar. These footballers really gave their best performance to undertake this seemingly impossible task.

Goals came from Luis Suarez, L. Kurzawa(Own Goal), Lionel Messi (penalty), Neymar Jr who scored twice including a penalty, and Sergi Roberto who sealed the win.

Barca was dominating the match 3-0, until Edison Cavani sent a goal to the back of the net in the 62 minutes. At that moment, fans had given up, since Barcelona needed three more goals to become a qualifer.

Then we witness the Neymar Jr: who had just scored a free kick and went on to score a penalty and also assisting Sergi Roberto who scored the qualifying goal in the 90+ 5 minutes.

The camp Nou went wild. It was an amazing and unbelievable night for all Barcelona fans.

Shocking football defeats; Borussia Monchengladbach vs Bayern Munich, 5-0

Monchengladbach vs FC Bayern Munich(5-0), 27th Oct 2020:

In my opinion, this match should be considered one of the most shocking matches in football history. The match clearly proves that the game of football is an unpredictable one.

During the season, Bayern Munich was arguably the best football team in the whole of Europe. Similarly, Bayern had won more trophies than the number of matches lost (an outstanding stats) in the previous season.

Bayern Munich conceeded three early goals to Borussia Monchengladbach, during the first 21 minutes. And two goals were later added during the second half. The match ended with a 5-0, of which one was a penalty.

Bayern had just faced Benfica in the previous match. Benfica stood their ground at the defence level. They went head to head with Bayern, untill the 70th minute, as Bayern sealed their victory with 4 goals In 12 minutes.

Fans were anticipating another comeback like the one they witnessed, but Monchengladbach stood their ground to the very end.

It was indeed an elated day for most football fans, especially for Manchester united who had earlier suffered an humiliating defeat of 5-0 from Liverpool few days ago, In addition, FC Barcelona who lost 8-2 to Bayern a season before, and other football clubs who have suffered from Bayern’s supremacy.

It would have been a severe loss for gamblers.

CREDITS: Sky Sports News, Aderibigbe Success (for the editing of this post)

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