You are currently viewing Lionel Messi vs Erling Haaland (Who deserves the 2023 Ballon D’or award?)

Lionel Messi vs Erling Haaland (Who deserves the 2023 Ballon D’or award?)

The 2023 Ballon D’or award ceremony will take place on the 16th of October at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, France.

The award which is regarded as the most prestigious individual accomplishment by a footballer should be argued out between two distinctive players who had an amazing 2022/2023 player.

As I’m guessing you know who these two players are: Erling Haaland (Manchester City) and Lionel Messi (PSG). Below is an overall stat of their 2022/2023

MESSI vs HAALAND 2022/2023 Stats:

Messi vs Haaland 2023 ballon d'or

MESSI: – Goals: 37 – Assist: 25

– G/A: 62 – Dribbles: 149

– Key Pass: 140 – BCC: 45

– Tackles: 40 – MOTM: 29

Trophies: – World Cup – Ligue 1 – French S Cup

➡️ Awards: – Laureus Sportsman Of The Year

– FIFA the Best- WC Golden Ball

– French S Cup Player Of The Season

– Iffhs Best Player

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– Iffhs Best Playmaker

– Iffhs Best int-Goalscorer

– AIPS Best Male Athlete

– Guardian Best Player

– L’Equipe Best Player Of The Year

– BBC World Sport of The year.

Messi vs Haaland 2023 ballon d'or

HAALAND: – Goals: 52 – Assist: 9

– G/A: 61 – Dribbles: 19

– Key Pass: 37 – BCC: 13

– Tackles: 8- MOTM: 17

➡️ Trophies – UCL – EPL – FA Cup

➡️ Awards – EPL Player Of The Year

– EPL Young Player Of The Year

– EPL Golden Boot- European Golden Boot

– UCL Top Scorer

– FWA Footballer of the Year

Other players who are worthy of the award are Rodri (Manchester City), Kelvin De Bruyne (Manchester City) and Kylian Mbappe.

Looking at the stats, without bias who deserves the award? Cast your votes below, and feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Anonymous


    1. BiG HorpY

      We know say na Messi get the Ballond’or

      1. Emmraey

        I don’t want either of them to win, just saying 🤷

      2. Anonymous

        Abi o

  2. Shemiloray

    Na Alvarez ooooo😂

  3. Anonymous

    Give it to haaland so as to end Ronaldo and Messi era. Let the new generation take over!

    1. Anonymous

      Just like that ??…halaand started ghosting from cl quarter finals

  4. Abeeb Olalere

    Messi will win the d’or no matter what people say

  5. Anonymous

    It’s all Messi broooo❤️💯💯

  6. Anonymous

    Have mercy on Messi now
    Let’s the penaldogs breet, don’t suffocate them

  7. Anonymous

    Where Mbappe dey😒

    1. Godwin


  8. Anonymous

    If not Mbappe then it’s absolutely Messi make the Haaland sef buckle up he’s doing well 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      Harland worth it 💯

  9. Anonymous

    Messi had a good season but I think haaland did better and he should win it

  10. Anonymous

    Ofcourse it’s messi

  11. Mubarak abdulazeez

    Messi worth it

  12. Anonymous

    make them just give haaland

  13. Anonymous

    Fuck Messi how about that cr7 4life

  14. Yomezajeh

    To me, Lionel Messi deserves the balon D’or. Taking a look at 2018 stats, he deserved the balon d’or is we’re to use goals alone. Lionel Messi perform in the world cup just like Modric in 2018. World cup best player, so he’s winning the balon D’or 😊❤️

  15. Anonymous

    Halland deserve it Messi got enough

  16. Tope

    Messi ofc

  17. Anonymous

    The GOAT of course

  18. Anonymous

    The goat deserve it

  19. Golden

    Messi can only win if elections or selection is rigged coz he did nothing more than Haaland to deserve it

  20. Samuel

    Messi all the way

  21. Anonymous

    Messi all the way🤭✌️

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