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Best football trios we’d miss

The definition of “trio” is “the group of three people or things”. Today, the word trio only resonates in our heads when these three stick together.

While these players have phenomenal individual stats, they have blended really well to create good teammates that can wreck havoc on the opponent on the pitch.

In this post we’d be talking about the greatest football trio in recent times, how they got separated, and their current status.

Here’s a list of football trios (in recent times) that will greatly be missed. If you didn’t get to witness them, I advise you to watch their highlights on YouTube!

Messi – Neymar – Suarez

The Trinity was brought together by Luis Enrique (ex-Barcelona coach). During their time, Messi was the best number 10, Suarez was the best number 9, and Neymar was the best number 11. You can imagine the kind of chaos FC Barcelona cooked for the world with that combo.

This football trio scored more goals than the entire Madrid squad in 2015 with 122 goals! They went on to break their own record the next year with 131 goals. They are arguably the best goal scoring trio in football

They have one Champions League, two La Liga titles, and one Club World Cup, including a treble. All these in four seasons. The fun fact about this trio? They are good friends off the pitch.

It ended when Neymar left for PSG for a record-breaking fee of 222 million as the most expensive signing at the time. Currently, Neymar and Messi play for PSG, while Suarez is yet to find a new club after leaving Atletico Madrid.

Mo Salah – Roberto Firmino – Sadio Mane

Jurgen Klopp brought Liverpool back to it’s glory days with these three. This football trio were so fast, they could tear defense apart in minutes. Roberto Firmino helped with his intelligence while Salah and Mane with their dribbling skills and speed.

They complemented each other so well that the broke plenty of goal records under Klopp. They helped Liverpool win their first league title in about 30 years, entered the champions league finals three times in four years, winning one of them, and a club world cup.

The trio scored a total of 250 goals together. In 2022 they got broken apart by Mane who forced a move to Bayern Munich. Salah and Firmino still remain at Liverpool.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale

At the time of MSN, Real Madrid needed something similar to match up their arch rivals FC Barcelona. The BBC trio proved to be competent enough to do so. The football trio scored 97 goals in their first year together. They spear-headed the record breaking Champions League three-peat, all having note worthy UCL final goals. And four Champions League trophies in total. In addition to the two La Liga titles won.

They redefined the counter-attacking style of football in their time. They broke apart after five years when Cristiano moved to Juventus. Currently, Benzema is still playing for Madrid, Bale plays for an American team, MLS, while Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to his childhood team, Manchester United.

Xavi, Iniesta and Busquest

We still don’t know how Pep Guardiola cooked this but they’d go down as the most perfect Midfield trio in recent years. The fun part? They are all Spanish players, meaning they played together for club and country and the three were starters!

They were know for their great passing abilities and vision. They were the heart of the team at the time. Xavi and Iniesta remain the only two midfielders to appear in the Ballon d’or top 3 more than once!

From 2008-2015, they won’t 3X UCL, 5X La Liga, and 2X CWC, excluding some other minor cups not mentioned. They broke up when Xavi left in 2015.

Currently, Xavi coaches FC Barcelona, Iniesta plays for a Chinese club and Busquest still a Barcelona player.

In conclusion, it is a dream of every football club to have their players team up together, to create magic that beautifies the moment. The easiest way this can be achieved is when players have a good relationship on and off the pitch. Also, getting more playing time together. Other trios not mentioned above include:

Neymar – Mbappe – Cavani: They got broken up when Cavani left for Manchester united. Currently, Neymar and Mbappe still play for PSG while Cavani is yet to find a new club as he has run out of contract with Manchester united.

Ribery – Robern – Robert Lewandoski: They got broken up in 2019, when Ajren Robben and Franck Ribery left the club at the same time. Currently, Lewandoski plays for FC Barcelona, Ajren Robben came back from retirement to play for his boyhood club Groningen while Franck Ribery plays for Serie A club Salernitana.

Don’t forget Modric, Kroos and Casimero. I didn’t add them because they are yet to be separated.

Which of these trio do you consider the greatest? drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Anji's crush

    BBC all the way😇

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    I didn’t witness Xavi and Iniesta, but I did witness MSN
    They are the greatest

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    MSN is still the best

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      MSN the best 🔥❤️

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      msn 🌚

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    MSN is the best

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    MSN it is

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    MSN all the way

  8. Oginni tobi

    I think the best trio is msn with the record breaking goals

  9. Karl

    MSN are one of the greatest trio ever

  10. SammyBucason

    RBB for life

  11. Anonymous

    Riberry, robben and lewandoski is one of the best of all time

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    BBC is the best

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    Lit 🔥

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    MSN all the way

  15. Anonymous

    To me, according to the classifications above, I’d say MoSalah-Firmino-Mané is the best trio. I’m a Liverpool fan though.

  16. Emmy

    BBC was great
    MSF too

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    RBB at all time

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    MSN all they way

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    Na barca fans full this comment section 😁

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    MSN all d way

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    MSN to the fucking world

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    Ronaldo,Benzema and Bale

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    Ronaldo, benzema and bale

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    Messi all-time favourite

  26. Ridwan

    BBC for me though… phenomenal trio

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    MSN is the best

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    Ronaldo benzema and bale

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