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Stats against Liverpool vs Real Madrid UCL final

As usual, the Champions League of 2021/22 gave us a show we’ll always look back on. We’ll get to see Liverpool play against Real Madrid in the UCL final after plenty of dramatic performances amongst both teams. Its safe to say they earned their spot in the final.

The match is to take place on the 28th of may, in Paris. Here are some stats which are to be considered against the finals, most especially for those of us into sport betting.



  • PSG

First Leg: PSG 1-0 Real Madrid

Second Leg: Real Madrid 3-1 PSG

  • Chelsea

First Leg: Chelsea 1-3 Real Madrid

Second Leg: Real Madrid 2-3 Chelsea

  • Manchester City

First Leg: Manchester City 4-3 Real Madrid

Second Leg: Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City


  • Inter Milan

First Leg: Inter Milan 0-2 Liverpool

Second Leg: Liverpool 0-1 Inter Milan

  • Benfica

First Leg: Benfica 1-3 Liverpool

Second Leg: Liverpool 3-3 Benfica

  • Villareal

First Leg: Liverpool 2-0 Villareal

Second Leg: Villareal 2-3 Liverpool

Liverpool seems to have had it easier than Real Madrid throughout the tournament. Will this be their easiest tie yet?


Whenever Liverpool play an European Cup/UCL final. their opponents were in white.

1997, Borussia Mochengladbach were in white.

1978, Club Brugge were in white.

1987, and 2018, Real Madrid were in white.

1984, Roma were in white.

1985, Juventus were in white.

2005 and 2007, AC Milan were in white.

2019, Tottenham Hotspur were in white.

2022, Real Madrid will be in white.


Liverpool vs Real madrid UCL final

The last time Real Madrid lost an European cup final(1981):

OPPONENT: Liverpool.


Will history repeat itself?

The last time Real Madrid vs Liverpool met in the Champions League final was a world cup year(2018). Same repeating itself this year. Football is soo blessed with history!

It no wonder why Guinness rated football as the most interesting sport. What are your predictions for the UCL final? comment it below.


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  1. Unknown

    Liverpool all the way🥵🥵

  2. Anonymous

    Liverpool for the ucl

    1. SammyBucason

      Liverpool to win

    2. Samuel

      Liverpool to win

      1. Stixx

        Liverpool for the UCL

  3. Emmanuel

    Liverpool will trash Madrid
    Liverpool will have most shots on target
    Both same possession
    Score be 2-1

  4. Mars

    Wishing Liverpool goodluck buh real is likely to win

    1. Trapp

      Real Madrid would win 3-1

      1. Palmer

        Madrid all d way🔥🔥🔥

  5. Maeyourz

    Englands for the European champions league

    History can’t repeat itself here it’s gonna be a strike of retribution

  6. Emmræy

    It’s gonna be 90′ minutes draw then penalty. I can’t really predict the penalty but I guess Liverpool will miss a shot from all penalty kicks b4 Real Madrid.

  7. SammyBucason

    Liverpool to win

  8. Ozi

    It no wonder why what?? Lol

    Madrid no dey lose European final Full Stop

  9. Anonymous

    The game is 50-50 chances for both teams.

  10. Hector🤌🏻


  11. Nature

    Liverpool I support Dem because of last time

  12. Hammad olawale

    Liverpool to win LFC forever ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Lulu

    Madrid all the way but it would be a tough match

  14. Viczzy 2:2 Liverpool
    Liverpool scores Extra time
    Madrid equalizes before the end of ET

  15. Anonymous

    Madrid straight win

  16. Muller

    Madrid to win ✅👑

  17. Jaycrown


  18. Anonymous

    Madrid ✅

  19. Akha

    Liverpool 🔥🔥🔥👌🏻


    Liverpool all the way

  21. Saheed

    1-3 hala Madrid

  22. Unknown

    First half over 1.5

    Then mane to score

    We move😅😅

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