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EPL bans on loan deals between associated club rejected.

There exist a rule that allows Premier League clubs take players on loan from club associated with them.

To make this clearer, if your club owner (s) happens to own another club of even if it’s just a stake in another club, your club can always take a player from that club that is not yours but associated club on loan.

This loan doesn’t break any rule, therefore it’s legal.

Recently the EPL decided to ban this law temporarily, and Premier league top flight club were asked to vote for or against it. The threshold needed to ban is 14 votes against the rule.

The vote count turned 13-7 with 13 clubs voting against the rule which is not up to the threshold needed.

According to sky sports, the 7 clubs that voted against this rule are:

  • Burnley
  • Chelsea
  • Everton
  • Man City
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Sheffield united
  • Wolves

Since the rule remains intact, clubs like Newcastle who are 80% owned by PIF (Public Investment Fund) of Saudi Arabia could sign players on loan from the four clubs owned by PIF in the Saudi Pro League.

For your information, these four clubs are:

This means we could see Cristiano Ronaldo play for Newcastle on loan without Newcastle breaking any premier league rule.

Man City can also loan players from the City Football Group – which consists of 12 worldwide teams, including current LaLiga leaders Girona and MLS side New York City FC.

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Man Utd will not be banned from signing players on loan from French club OGC Nice, who are owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS group, once a deal for Ratcliffe to buy a stake in United is completed.

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  1. Emmanuel

    This is not fair!!!

    Asides the fact that rich clubs are spending more in the transfer window, they are still allowed to loan players from partners club easily. Small teams will be on the receiving end of this.

    I feel for Liverpool the most.

  2. Alakoro Ridwan

    Nice one

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