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Fan of the month: August 22

Christopher has been present from day 1 of our WhatsApp community. He has been consistent and shown constant support. It would be unfair to not acknowledge his efforts alongside the expert advice he gives.

He’s a big football lover, and so passionate about it.

Here are the details of the interview carried out in his WhatsApp DM:

Favorite club, and why: Chelsea. Firstly, I love the color blue. It’s my favorite and my dad is a Chelsea fan, so that’s what I grew up with.

Most hated club and reasons: Manchester United. I can’t say I hate it, but I don’t like it. The reason is that I saw a match when I was young where Man U cheated Chelsea. One of our players was red carded for something that isn’t worth a red card, and the referee gave them a penalty. We didn’t lose the match; it ended 2-2. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t like Man U. Through the influence of Ferguson, we were not the only ones Man Utd cheated. They did some sh*ts to other teams too, which is why I don’t rate Ferguson that much!

What’s your favorite moment as a Chelsea fan? 2012 against Barca, and 2021 UCL final against Man City. Bro the goosebumps!!1 Against Barcelona we were the underdog only Chelsea fans supported Chelsea that day and maybe some Madrid fans, since there were always Barca enemies. After the 1-0 victory at Stamford bridge we knew the return leg won’t be and easy one. We went there and we were 2 goals down. I didn’t give up easily though especially after Messi lost a penalty.

I just felt like something Miraculous will happen. Super Franky pass to Ramirez, Ramirez finish all fantastic and to wrap it up Torress second and on top of that we went to lift the trophy.

Messi or Ronaldo: I like both of them, I don’t compare.

Favorite player and why: Andres Iniesta To me, I’ve never seen anyone that understands football better than him; his awareness, flexibility, leadership; when you think it’s over, then boom, Andres pulls a miracle; where you think is tight is a plot of land for him; he’s just too good!

Most hated player? Errrrmmm….. I don’t think I hate any player, but I don’t really like most Man Utd players b Not because they are not good, but the team they play for. I just don’t wish Man Utd well. So then, if I’m to pick, Maguire will be the one. Although I like the fact that he’s a disaster for Manchester United.

The Club you’re scared of the most: PSG. From what we’ve seen since the start of the season they’re scary hopefully It wont be like last season for them.

If you’re the owner of your club, what changes would you make? I’m not really good at business, but I’d change the idea of selling players too soon, I’m referring to the top talents. Chelsea lose interests in players too soon without thinking about the future. We’ve lost De Bruyne, Salah and others. I wont let that happen again.

Which player will you pick as a role model? Football wise, I’ll pick Sancho. He looks good and even tis style of play is romantic (laughs). I won’t forget my Andres Iniesta. I just like his football, you know it’s just the perfect type for me.

Can we ask personal questions? Yes, I’ll pass the ones I’m not comfortable with.

Persenal Questions.

How did you hear about EmperorA? Hmm…. I saw the link in a football group and if anything is related to football, I give it my 100% and secondly the person I know to be the owner of EmperorA is a frield to someone I love so much (Adediran Dolapo).

What makes you support us this much? I love football a lot, and EmperorA keeps me updated on my favorite club. To be honest though, the love is natural.

Are you a music fan? Yes. My favorite arstistes are Fireboy, Davido, Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Juice Wrld.

Are you single? No, I’m in a relationship, 9 months old.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to? All EmperorA fans, and the brain behind EmperorA itself.

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