You are currently viewing 10 life lessons I’ve learnt being a football fan.

10 life lessons I’ve learnt being a football fan.

I honestly can’t remember the first time I watched football. Like most people, we grew up loving a particular football club, most of the time because someone around us or our parents loved it. Over time we integrated to being ardent supporters of the club sharing, their wins and losses.

Remember going to sleep angry because your club lost a match?

A lot has been happening in the football world lately, and I felt I should relate these occurrences to real life situations. Surely you can learn one or two things from them:


To whom much is given, much is expected

Ask Ronaldo and Messi

Like the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Whenever their teams come out losing, they become the headlines. By now, they should both have gotten used to it.

Maybe they are the highest paid footballers, but I can say the main reason for these expectations is because of what they have achieved and what they stand for in the football world.

Just like in real life, a lot is expected from people in authority, firstborns, fathers, students and any other positions humans might hold. Get used to it and act accordingly.

You can’t fit into everything

life lesson from football, you can't fit into everything

Ask Philippe Coutinho and Eden Hazard

These players were outstanding players in their former clubs. They changed their clubs and all of sudden, nothing went well for them despite high expectations.

Philippe Coutinho was loaned to Bayern and performed well, returned to Barca, and became a flop again. Loaned to Aston Villa and he’s still delivering.

I think this happens in real life when we try to be everything to everyone, we end up being unhappy ourselves. Find where you’re loved, appreciated and accepted and stay there!

You need a good team

This can’t be over emphasized. Like the saying goes, “if you hang around with 5 millionaires, you’re bound to be the next”. We’re products of our circle. Who we hang around with says a lot about us. Energy is so contagious!

In the football game, great footballers look like average ones when they are not in the right team. On the other hand, average footballers look like great ones in the right team.

Good leaders are very important

Ask Jürgen Klopp and Xavi

There are other beautiful football coaches, but these are just my favorites at the time of writing. Remember when Liverpool used to be more like a normal team until Klopp came along and now Liverpool is arguably the best team in Europe?

Remember how bad Barca used to be after the departure of Messi and how good they are now since the arrival of Xavi?

The same applies to humans; good leadership creates a vision and helps the team to achieve it. Don’t forget, “when a group of lions is led by a dog to war, they all die like dogs. When a group of dogs is led to war by a lion, they’ll fight like lions. ”

In summary, find yourself a mentor!

life lesson from football; no one is irreplaceable

No one is irreplaceable.

Ask Messi and Ronaldo

When Lionel Messi left Barcelona, do you remember how much they suffered?

When Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, we all saw the setback they experienced.

But with time these two teams got back to their competitive levels.

The same thing applies to us humans. No matter how important someone is, when they leave, we’ll definitely find a way to survive without them. In most cases, we’ll forget them with time.

Favoritism is everywhere

Ask Ragnick and Maguire

Football fans, at one point or another, have this player they dislike(ed) due to poor performance but keeps showing up in the starting 11.

Despite how much havoc Maguire brings to Manchester United, he still ends up starting.

It happens everywhere in the world, not only in your country. Even parents can’t love their children equally.

Moreover, we’re all victims or beneficiaries of this. Like someone said, “if it happens in our favor, it’s connection, if it goes against us, it’s corruption.”

To keep this post easier to read, I’ve split it into two pages, scroll down to get page two.

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