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Was Ole Gunner Solskjær really a bad coach

Ole Gunner Solskjær a former Manchester United player turned coach, left Manchester United after failing to lift a trophy for the club in about 3 years.

In this post, we’d be evaluating if he’s really a bad coach.

During his time as a Manchester United player, he scored 126 goals in 366 appearances. He was also nicknamed “the Baby Face Assassin”. He was regarded as a super-sub for his aptness at coming off the bench and scoring late goals.

In the 1999 Champions League final, he scored the winning goal for Manchester United in the late minutes of the match, helping the club win a treble that year. He announced his retirement from football in 2007 after suffering from a serious injury.

With all these, I think it’s fair to say he was a good player during his time playing. But being a good players doesn’t qualify being a good coach, does it?

After his time at Manchester United, he moved to his former club Molde as a manager, and he helped them win their first two ever trophies in his first two seasons with the club.

In 2014, he managed Cardiff City, and during that time, the club were relegated from the Premier League.

In 2018, he was asked to replace Jose Mourinho and, after his performance in his first 19 games, he signed a 3 year contract with the club to take over as a permanent head coach.

Ole Gunner Solskjær vs past Manchester United managers

Sir Alex Ferguson vs Ole Gunner

We’d all agree with me that we might never find a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson. He managed the club for 25 years and had a win ratio of 65.2%.

David Moyes

He coached the club from June 2013 to April 2014.

He was considered Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor. During his tenure, Manchester United failed to qualify for the champions league for the first time in 18 years.

• Played 51 matches

• Won 27 Draw 9

• Lost 15And won 0 trophies.

He has a win ratio of 50%.

Louis Van Gaal

He replaced David Moyes in May 2014. In his second season as a manager, he managed to win a trophy for the club, which was the FA Cup.

• He played 103 matches.

• Won 54

• Draw 25

• Lost 24 and won one trophy.

He left the club in May 2016, when the club finished 5th in the league, coupled with criticism of his style of play and lack of goals.

He has a win ratio of 51.3%.

Jose Mourinho.

The arrival of Mourinho brings some rays of hope for the fans. A cup double in 2017 and the second on the premier league table in 2018.

• He played 144 games

• Won 84

• Lost 28

• Won 2 trophies.

He later had problems with the dressing room and his character was considered not good enough by the fans who saw his departure.

He had a win ratio of 53.8%.

Ole Gunner Solskjær.

Ole Gunner

He replaced Jose Mourinho on a caretaker basis. After winning 14 out of 19 games for the club, he was given the job as a permanent manager.

But recent losses to Liverpool, Manchester City and Watford at the end of his tenure made him look incompetent.

Also he wasn’t able to bring the big signings the club bought during the transfer window to perform together.

He left the club by mutual agreement.

• He played 168 games

• Won 91

• Draw 37

• Lost 40 And won 0 trophy.

He had a win ratio of 54.2%.

As we can see, compared to other managers, Ole Gunner Solskjær had a better win ratio, only behind Sir Alex Ferguson.

After his departure, a lot of coaches, like Mauricio Pochettino, Zidane Zidane, and Erik Ten Hag, were rumored to be interested in the job.

But the club announced that Ralf Rangnick would be the new coach. He will stay in a consultancy role for two years at the end of the season.

According to reports, the new manager will have a say in the next full time coach as well as players recruitment.

What do u feel about Ole Solskjær Gunner, let us know in the comment box below.

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