You are currently viewing Why FC Barcelona chose Aguero and not Suarez(Tribute to Aguero)

Why FC Barcelona chose Aguero and not Suarez(Tribute to Aguero)

Aguero, one of football’s finest strikers, retired from football at the age of 33 after being told by his doctors that he couldn’t continue.

His start to life in his new club wasn’t what we all expected, as he had a calf injury but later recovered where he came back and scored Barcelona’s only goal in a 2-1 loss to Real Madrid.

In his second start for the club against Alaves, he was seen holding his chest around the 40th minute of the match. And was taken away from the pitch.

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We wished him quick recovery but when he came back it was with his retirement news which broke us all.

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Sergio Aguero was brought in to replace Luis Suarez who was sold to Atletico Madrid and you have an idea how much work was expected of Aguero to fill Suarez’s shoes.

Here we’ll be looking at reasons why Aguero is a perfect replacement for Luis Suarez.

Sergio Aguero
Aguero goal vs Real Madrid

Why Aguero is a good deal for FC Barcelona

  • Bartomeu, not Laporta, was the one who sold Suarez. As a result, blaming Laporta for bringing in Aguero is ridiculous.
  • No one wanted Suarez to be sold without a successor, and if FC Barcelona had signed Halland, Kane, or any other top striker, the club would not be regretting their decision to sell the striker.
  • At Barca, Suarez was paid a tempting 21 million euros per year, whereas Aguero will be paid only 5 million euros. Every year, this equates to a savings of 16 million euros.
  • Aguero was brought in for free; the club did not pay a single euro to any other club in the globe to bring in one of the best strikers in the Premier League. That is a pretty rich arrangement in and of itself, a very lucrative deal!
  • Suarez is 34 years old, while Aguero is 32. Suarez’s market value is 15 million euros, whereas Aguero’s is 25 million.
  • Both Suarez and Aguero should be playing as backups at number 9 behind a young productive striker like Haaland or Lautaro under the appropriate sporting project. So, bringing in Aguero as a backup for less than a third of what Suarez would earn as a backup is always a smart move.
  • Given that Aguero will make even less than a third of what Suarez earned at Barca, Aguero isn’t that far behind Suarez in terms of goal scoring abilities. If Suarez is in the top category of elite number nines, Aguero is in the second tier.
  • FC Barcelona saved a lot of money by selling Suarez, but they were still short on goals and needed a number nine. And Aguero was the best and most practical choice available at the time. Even though he was past his prime, he was still a quality striker, capable of scoring as many goals as Suarez.
  • Kun is a better player than Suarez in terms of speed. While he was declining, Suarez was the slowest center forward among Europe’s major clubs. Aguero, on the other hand, has always been quick and still has a lot of it in him.
  • Only Martin Braithwaite was the club’s only number 9, and now we have one of the best attackers in the world as a backup striker. This is an upgrade we’re talking about.

The football world most especially FC Barcelona will miss the Argentine striker. He happens to be one of Premier League best strikers, scoring 184 goals in 275 games.

He’s just behind Alan Shearer – 260, Wanye Rooney- 208 and Andrew Cole – 187.

Aguero in Mancity

Sergio Aguero major honours

  • 1X Europa league
  • 5X Premier League
  • 1X FA Cup
  • 6X League Cup
  • 1X Olympics
  • 1X Copa America.

He’s arguably Manchester City’s greater player and this has earned him a statue of himself out the home stadium of the club in eithad.

There are also several reports that claims he’ll get an ambassadorial role with FC Barcelona after his retirement.

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